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KPD Pty Limited is a family company and has been operating since 1969. We are Australia's leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture with our Space Lab product. We have installed our laboratory furniture in all states of Australia and internationally.

Space Lab is designed by former Sydney architect and laboratory design consultant, Brian Griffin with technical advice and prototype construction by KPD. Together we have developed the product range over the years to cover the changing needs in the whole field of laboratory functions from medical research, pathology, routine testing to secondary and tertiary teaching.

Providing you the flexibility you need

Space Lab laboratory furniture systems have been designed to facilitate the changing needs of today's laboratories.

The keystone of our design philosophy is ease of use and maintenance, and awareness of health and safety standards.

The Space Lab systems have modular components to provide maximum flexibility in planning and future expansion. Visit a Space Lab showroom and see the finished product for yourself.

Select from the wide range, the furniture most suited to your needs. Check out all the details, open the cupboards and drawers, feel the finishes.

A complete package

KPD will prepare detailed layouts from your building plan and the selected system furniture. Discuss the integration of the laboratory power, gases, water and waste with the furniture — the services reticulation and the outlet locations. Select from the wide range of bench top materials and cabinet finishes. KPD can advise on finishes to suit your use and supply you with samples to test.

Quotations from KPD will be competitive with other joinery companies which do not specialise in laboratory furniture. KPD is familiar with the work and buying materials in bulk is only one of the many cost savings. If you are interested in seeing the furniture being produced do call us to arrange a visit.

We've got the know-how

The installation of your laboratory furniture will be by KPD staff who have done it all before and know how to get it right. On completion, when you are completely satisfied, we will give you a maintenance manual for future reference. Any problems you may have will be rectified immediately, not only because we guarantee our product, but because we want to learn from any new experience which created the problem.

Product furniture is better than custom-built designs for laboratory furniture because manufactured 'system furniture' for laboratories has been developed over years of experience. Faults in the design were rectified at the prototype stage before going into production and improvements in the design made after feedback from installations. The changing needs of the laboratory users, particularly the increased use of instrumentation, is continuously monitored and new furniture designs are produced to facilitate the new requirements.

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