"Space Lab has used an outstanding system design approach, which coupled with their attention to detail and finish, has resulted in an aesthetically pleasing, flexible range of laboratory furniture.

By continually upgrading materials and hardware as better items become available, Space Lab ensure the componentry used matches the high quality of the manufacturing process."

Australian Design Awards


"I would like to thank your company and workers in your effort and quality of goods supplied to ANSTO during this lengthy staged refurbishment."

Greg James

Project Manager - ANSTO Engineering

"KPD Pty Ltd of 62 Blackshaw Avenue, Mortdale 2223 have been a supplier to the Garvan Institute for many years. During this time they have been the major force in providing laboratory furniture to the Institute and their service has always been attentive, dedicated and helpful.

Three years ago we moved into our designed and built premises and KPD provided the fit-out of lab furniture for the entire building. Even with such a big job, KPD still provided their usual high quality products and the process was prompt but careful. KPD are committed to providing the best support in their industry."

BELINDA VOS. B. Sc. (Hons)

Scientific Services Manager - The Garvan Institute of Medical Research

"I had the pleasure last week of demonstrating to Brian the remarkable flexibility of the Space Lab modular lab furnishing. Two complex work stations were recently translocated within our core laboratory by our own science staff in one afternoon.

This involved regrouping of our 24 hour emergency work station instruments (biochemical assay and blood gas analysers) with reconnection of electrical and computer services using the originally installed service bollards.

This was carried out completely within the department at a relatively quiet time of our own choosing and without any disruption to the clinical service. It looks as good as the day you installed it.

Kind regards to you and your people."

Dr John Hewson

Senior specialist - Department of Hematology, Concord Hospital